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LA City Attorney/Troubled Candidate Attacks Video Games

PoliticsGamingCrimeIt was only a matter of time before some local politician in a losing campaign tried to make hay out of the Grand Theft Auto/Hot Coffee scandal, and it’s finally happened. Rocky Delgadillo (who is currently trailing his rival by about 20 points in the race to be Attorney General of California) has filed charges against the company responsible for the game mod – Take Two Interactive.

Delgadillo claims Take-Two and engaged in unfair business practices by hiding the mod and thereby avoiding an Adults Only (AO) rating for the game.

It’s really sad that a politician in desperate political straights is trying to exploit cartoon sex in a video game to score points. Doesn’t Los Angeles have bigger crime issues than a video game? Are drugs still flowing through the city like a river? How about OJ? Has he killed anyone lately?

Despite the stories in the LA Times of killings, gang shootings and Gypsy thieves, Delgadillo wants us to believe the biggest danger to southern California is gang bangers closing up shop so they can have simulated sex on the Xbox.

Written by Michael Turk