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Kos’ Minion Has Trouble Counting

PoliticsGeorgia10, one of Kos’ followers, has an amusing post arguing that the Democrats have a clear, plain agenda.

If you haven’t noticed, Democrats have been making a concerted effort to explain in plan and simple terms what Democrats stand for. Yes, Democrats have finally trained themselves to drop the clause-laden, inaccessible rhetoric of the past, and are beginning to embrace a much more effective method of educating voters about the Democratic Party.

Read further into the post, and you see ample evidence of the clear, simple plan…

Dean said that Democrats will fight for a six-point plan… last fall, Rahm Emanuel laid out a five-point plan on Meet The Press… earlier this month, Senator Kerry also described in plain terms the Democratic agenda [Seven Points]… Senator Kennedy’s new book, America: Back on Track, is centered around seven main points…

Six points, five points, seven points, ten points–the general idea is that Democrats are taking affirmative steps to shatter the myth that “Democrats don’t have any ideas.”

Nobody has argued that the Democrats aren’t full of ideas. By my count, and Georgia’s post, I figure there are somewhere between 5 and 10 of them. The trouble is they’re the same 5-10 ideas they’ve been trying to sell for the last 5-10 years, and voters aren’t buying.

Finding a new way to package a bad product doesn’t make you an effective seller – you still need to close the deal. Given that your sales force can’t agree on how many ideas you have or how to sell them, you’re still having trouble with that step.

Written by Michael Turk