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Kos Makes Me Laugh

PoliticsThanks, Markos. Your TX-28 Post Mortem made me laugh so hard I almost blacked out.

Some of my favorite parts…

“The bottom line: we helped a campaign that was the walking dead and gave it new life, pumped in resources, and made it competitive.”

You took a guy who got 50% the first time and got him 41% the second time. Yup. Real competitive.

‚ÄúSo we didn’t kill off Cuellar, but we gave him an ass whooping where none was expected and made him sweat.‚Äù

Define ‚ÄúAss Whopping‚Äù. This was probably my favorite line. I had visions of Monty Python and the black knight in my head with Cuellar standing there saying, “Look, you stupid bastard, you’ve got no arms left.”

‚Äú[Lieberman] can’t take for granted that a no-name businessman with no political experience and zero connections in his state’s political establishment will be a non-factor, not with what we’ve done for people like Dean and now Ciro.‚Äù

Oh, I’m sure Lieberman is sweating after what you have done for Dean and Ciro. Ciro’s loss got bigger with your help and Dean is regarded as the toothless, feckless, leader of an organization so inept the Democrats are forming for profit companies to do its work.

Written by Michael Turk