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Kingston’s Gonna Be Writing Checks

PoliticsWell, it looks like Rep. Kingston will have to break out the checkbook. As of this writing, the Rightroots effort has raised $25,392. If they raise another $608 in the next 26 hours (don’t be surprised if it happens before 10 AM today), Jack Kingston will be contributing an additional $14,000 – making the total raised $40,000 in about 48 hours.

Just to put that in perspective, for those who have noticed that we are not as feature rich as ActBlue (yet), in its first two months, ActBlue only raised about $10,000 for candidates, and they had the strength of the oh so mighty (ahem…) Democrat blog movement in 2004 (You remember them? They arguably lost the election for Kerry by pushing the party way, way to the left.)

Granted, they have since raised a pant-load of cash, but they’ve had two years to build and market their site. We’ve had nothing but word of mouth and two days to do it and are closing on 10% of what their “netroots” have raised.

We also launched in August. Fundraisers will tell you that’s just about the worst possible time to try to raise money, but even in that environment, we’re kicking butt.

Not bad for a low budget start-up effort cobbled together by a handful of bloggers and a few political hacks.

Written by Michael Turk