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Juice Fast – Day Three

It’s now been almost 72 hours since solid food passed my lips.  That’s something I never thought I’d say outside of surgery or old age.

The many and assorted ways you can blend juices are fascinating to me.  Some result in concoctions that are actually quite good – even for vegetables.  Others make me want to vomit, but I can’t because there’s nothing left in my stomach. I suppose there is always dry heaves.

I was really expecting hunger pangs and moodiness, but that hasn’t happened.  Many of the personal accounts of fasting I have read indicate that the first few days are miserable.  It actually hasn’t been bad at all.

Of course, that may be because I had largely detoxed my diet before starting this.  While we were on vacation two weeks ago I went cold turkey on caffeine, I gave up sugar a year ago, and my biggest weakness was steak and pizza – which actually aren’t terribly bad – from a health perspective – if done in moderation.

I don’t drink, don’t smoke, and drugs are a young man’s game.  So there really wasn’t a lot to withdraw from.

In all, the three days have actually not been bad at all.  I could probably keep this going indefinitely – were it not for the vile and repulsive flavors of some of these juices.  That’s really the only thing that would nudge me off.  One more glass of something as horrid as “Gazpacho Juice” and I might throw in the towel.


Written by Michael Turk