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It’s Super Duper Primary Week

Why do states wait until September to have their primaries? It boggles my mind, especially in my home state of Wisconsin, which has their regular primary tomorrow along with DC. Though DC’s primary is basically their general election, because the day a Republican gets elected to a city office in DC is the day pigs fly. Wisconsin’s late primary usually screws over us Republican’s (especially in the Senate races) because rarely can we make it so there’s an uncontested primary. Which means by the time the primary is over, the winner has no time to recover and go after Feingold and Kohl. Of course, now no one wants to run against Feingold or Kohl which means this time around Mr. Kohl is a-OK in keeping his seat. Anywho, Mark Green lost his primary challenger so he’s fine to go on and beat Doyle in November, and the WI-8 has some primary challengers but I think Gard will come through the Republican one just fine.

Now, there’s also a special primary this week in Ohio. Thursday we have the one to replace Ney. If you haven’t, you have to check the characters running for this seat. My favorites are the 70-year-old farmer who’s done more on the Internet than any of the other candidates combined, and Sir James of course whose press releases rival some short stories.

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