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It’s All In The Timing, John

PoliticsJohn Kerry – who just under two years ago publicly distanced himself from Markos “Daily Kos” Zuniga’s radical, and just a little bit retarded, comments on the killing of US citizens overseas – has now signed up as a guest editor on Kos’ site.

The worst part is not that he has publicly embraced and tongue kissed Kos, though. The worst part is his actual post. His post runs (without links) 665 words. Out of that, he spends a168 on binLaden being alive, and the rest (75%) on Tora Bora.

Guess what, John. We know. We understand that he got away at Tora Bora. We understand that the Afghans weren’t the guys to do the job. We’ve accepted that and moved on. Why haven’t you? No, wait! Let me answer that!

You haven’t moved on for exactly the same reason you’re not president today. You’re a lifelong bureaucrat. You’re career as a Senator revolves around looking backward – via 3, 4, or 5 years studies that cost billions of dollars – to figure out things that the rest of the world has figured out for free. If you’re hunting for a guy in Afghanistan, and overwhelming numbers of Afghanis like or at the very worst are neutral to the guy you’re trying to find, you don’t send them to do the job.

I figured that out just by watching the news.

So did my fellow citizens.

The fact that you spent most of 2004 telling us something we had figured out 3 years earlier didn’t exactly convey a sense that you had a better plan for tomorrow. It told us you have the same 20/20 hindsight the rest of us have. What it never conveyed is anything better than 20/400 vision for the future.

What we don’t see from you today, Senator Kerry, is what we didn’t see in 2004 – any hint or reflection of forward thinking. We understand what our guy screwed up. We understand the implications of that. But our guy, if you can say nothing else, keeps moving forward rather than ragging on a 4 year old mistake. His path may not be the best path forward, but at least he’s not sitting still while he pulls out the map like Bugs Bunny and to sort out why he should have turned right at Albuquerque.

Forget the fact that John Kerry is a hypocrite. Forget the fact that two years ago, when Kerry was running for President, Kos was something to be ashamed of, but now he’s someone to listen to. Instead, focus on the fact that more than a year after his failed attempt to become President, Kerry is still running the same campaign – still looking backward – instead of making any attempt to lead.

Written by Michael Turk