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Into The Pixel

The Cable Show in Vegas last week had some interesting surprises, as these conferences often do. You never know which panel or exhibitor will have a new perspective, new gadget, or new service that gets you thinking. One of the surprises for me this year was an art exhibit. It’s part of an annual competition that comes out of the gaming world. Into the Pixel invites game artists to submit their original concept art for judging.

Some if the winners are truly breathtaking. The fact that most are produced without paints or canvas, but purely through software, is remarkable. The picture to the left, from Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, was created using Adobe Photoshop. I’ve worked with Photoshop a lot, and consider myself fairly proficient, but would have no idea how to even begin something like this.

If you have some time, and want to be impressed by some electronic art, take a trip through the winners from years past. The 2007 winners be unveiled July 11.

Written by Michael Turk