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Internet Stupidity

The InternetI was sick to death of receiving e-mail from Amazon and many others, so I set aside some time to go through my inbox and unsubscribe from all the lists I’ve ended up on as a result of my shopping habits. Some required nothing more than a click, while others made me jump through various hoops. Amazon, so far, is the worst, requiring me to log into my account, but also giving me specific directions of all the links I need to click once I do.

We hope you enjoyed receiving this message. However, if you’d rather not receive future e-mails of this sort from, please visit your account page. In the Personal Information box under the Account Settings heading, click the “Update your communication preferences” link.

Quickly navigating to my account settings, I found the page in question and a list of e-mails from which I could extract myself. Then I saw a check box and the following message:

Receive no e-mail
(Excluding transactional e-mail)
Transactional e-mail includes messages related to orders, listings, and bids. Checking the box above terminates Delivers subscriptions

Great. So I check the box, click submit and immediately see this:

Your E-mail Notification Settings have been saved.
You will receive an e-mail confirming your new choices.

Now, didn’t I just tell you that I want to receive NO e-mail from you? Why follow that up with an e-mail to tell me that I told you I don’t want e-mail?

Written by Michael Turk