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Interchangeable Words

Sorry for the radio silence. A good friend is getting married in Florida next weekend and I have been busy with work and planning a bachelor party this weekend. I probably would not have written until next week, but I heard something on the radio that irked me.

If you know me, you will know I am a connoisseur of both advertising and pizza. The subject of my ire was a radio ad for Papa John’s, so it combined these two things I love. The ad in question was for Papa John’s new garlic breadsticks – which it advertised as “tearable and sharable”.

Keep in mind this is a radio ad, so it is not quite as easy for the ear to distinguish the difference between, for instance, “tearable” and “terrible”. When I heard the ad, it took a moment to figure out why Papa Johns would be advertising bread sticks as simultaneously atrocious and yet, something you should pass on to friends.

I had this vision in my head of the guy who takes a sip of a long stale beverage then turns to his friend to say, “Does this taste bad to you? To me, it is both terrible and sharable.”

I can’t imagine Papa Johns will run this ad for long. It can’t be easy to justify spending large dollars on an ad buy to tell people your product is terrible.

Written by Michael Turk