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In The Age Of The Internet, Nothing Dies…

The Internet is an amazing thing. No matter how obscure your tastes in just about everything, you can not only find it, but you can find at least another 100,000 people who are really into it. On the Internet, nothing dies… not even the bad stuff.

Case in point, a conversation I had with my brother James via e-mail on Friday. Back in the early 1980’s, at the height of really cheesy 80s music, a band called Charlie, with visions of one-hit-wonder status, released a song called It’s Inevitable. Accompanying the song’s release was a music video featuring a ridiculous pie fight.

James became a huge fan of the song and forced me to listen to it everywhere we went (he’s six years older, and was the only one of us licensed at the time). While searching for clips related to “Hillary Clinton” and “Inevitable” for a little mashup project I had in mind, I stumbled upon the Charlie video and sent the link to James.

It was bad enough that a song and video that lame live on, but in response to my message, James sent back a link to his favorite band’s MySpace page. The Urine Bombs are a new name for an old stunky turd that used to be called Twilight. Unfortunately, I’m intimately aware of the history of Twilight having shared a roof with their lead singer when he was going through his dreams of rock star grandeur.

If you have ever seen the movie Can’t Hardly Wait, the band Loveburger is a pretty good approximation of their general style, but you would need to throw in copious amounts of weed and acid, and one guy they had to break out of a psychiatric hospital every time they had a gig (No, I’m not making this up.)

Now, thanks to the Internet, a band that would have been relegated to the ash heap of garage band history will live on forever as the Urine Bombs. If you’re curious about the name change, you have to admit that Twilight has a very 80s hair band feel to it. They wanted something that sounded more in tune with the times.

I encourage you to click through to the MySpace page and have a listen to the song. If nothing else, it will goose my brother and his middle-aged band mates, and make them think their time has finally come.

Written by Michael Turk