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An Important Issue

RepublicansPoliticsOk, I’m about sick to death of Congress and the President. I’m a supporter of the party – despite the dumb things we’ve been doing lately – but I am about to throw in the towel. As a small government, fiscal conservative, I have been abandoned by my party. That became glaringly apparent when I received an e-mail from the Alliance for Marriage.

The account under which I received that message is not signed up for any other lists but the RNC’s. It is clear that the national committee provided my address to them. That, in and of itself, doesn’t bother me at all. I signed up for their list and part of the terms of that included an agreement that they could provide my name to affiliated groups.

What bothers me is that, given the many, many other pressing issues facing our nation – terrorism, immigration reform, etc. – what my party cares most about is keeping the gay couples from wearing wedding rings. Give me a break. I understand that the party is caving in around you, and you’re looking for some lifeline to save you, but it’s not the social conservatives that are bailing out.

It’s people like me that are walking away from the party. We’ve watched our ideals of lower taxes, smaller government, and restrained spending sold out in favor of lower taxes, a bloated bureaucracy, runaway spending, and a government that increasingly looks like an Orwellian nightmare. It seems someone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue didn’t get a copy of the party platform.

Having abandoned the fiscal conservatives, the GOP is facing an ass-whooping in November, and has convinced itself that the thing that will save them is a last minute desperate appeal to the homophobia exhibited by the self-anointed regulators of society – the Christian right.

I seriously hope we have a more sophisticated plan in place for November than this.

Written by Michael Turk