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Imitation and Flattery

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consider me flattered. I popped open this morning to see what he had rolled out, and saw the site we developed at staring back at me. Great big image as the anchor for the page? Check! Action center to the right so organizing balances message? Check!

Drop a big donate button into the spot where they’ve got upcoming events, and it’s a complete copy. Actually, a finance appeal is the only thing missing from the well space of the home page. I believe that the area above the scroll should capture the three Ms of the campaign – message, money and mobilization. Obama has a link to raise funds, but not a very compelling ask.

The only other thing I would change at first glance is the wasted space on the banner. You’re already losing 160 pixels for the browser, and they’re cutting out another 60-80. So assuming a 768 pixel height, they’re designing for 528. Since the homepage is kind of light on content, you could actually tighten it up and get more above the scroll.

Overall, however, I think Obama has the best looking of all the Presidential sites. Hillary’s probably comes next (as much as it pains me to say that, it’s largely due to the fact that she, too, borrows heavily from the RNC site). The Republicans just aren’t doing anything very interesting online. I’d like to say that Mitt, McCain, Rudy, or even Huckabee was doing something that made me take notice.

Written by Michael Turk