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I’m Withdrawing My Name From Consideration for VP

The LA Times has a slightly amusing look at the laudry list of candidates mentioned in the 2008 Veepstakes.

“This list is getting so long that everyone’s going to end up on it eventually,” joked Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), who has advised Obama on whom to pick.

The list of people I have heard on both sides can only be described as staggering. I pity the poor saps in research shops who are pouring over every word, every nuance, every tenuous grasp at a position these would be Cheneys have ever uttered, muttered or drafted.

One name that keeps popping up on the GOP side is Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana. The mere mention of his name is typically followed by “but if he’s smart, he’ll say no. Otherwise he’s ruining himself.”

On that note, I’d like to specifically state that I’m not interested in the job. Given my clearly demonstrated independence, I might be just the kind of guy McCain looks for to balance his “not your father’s GOP” positioning. While I would appreciate the attention, I just wouldn’t want to ruin myself either.

Written by Michael Turk