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I’m More Afraid Of FEMA’s Reaction To The Bird Flu

GovernmentDiseaseA new poll out indicates that American’s have little confidence in the Government’s ability to handle a bird flu outbreak. That’s not a huge surprise to me. I have little confidence that the government can handle most of the things we ask of it. My low expectations are rarely exceeded.

Now we have the bird flu. The media and the government have done a fabulous job of terrifying the public. So now I have a month supply of canned goods, water and other essentials stored under my stairs next to enough duct tape and plastic to cover my whole house..

I was only six the last time we freaked out over a breed of virus that was supposed to wipe us out. The government handled that one beautifully. The immunization killed more people than the virus, but that’s ok. It was dealt with in typical government fashion – fix it until it’s broken, then fix it again.

The one person who seems to have this whole thing in perspective, and the one guy getting the least media attention, is apparently the one guy that we should listen to the most. He’s not a professional bureaucrat like the head of HHS. He’s an expert on infectious disease at the National Institute of Health. What’s his take?

“It won’t be what you see in countries in which there is no regulation, in which there is no incentive to compensate farmers, in which the people, who are so poor, when they see their chickens are getting infected they immediately sell them or they don’t tell anybody because they don’t want them culled,” [Dr. Anthony] Fauci [the National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease chief] said in Tuesday’s interview. “That is a critical issue that is fundamentally different than what we see in Western Europe and that we will see in the United States.”

It is entirely conceivable that this virus is inherently programmed that it will never be able to go efficiently from human to human,” Fauci said. “Hopefully the epidemic (in birds) will burn itself out, which epidemics do, before the virus evolves the capability of being more efficient in going from human to human.”

If not, we can practice unnatural selection by killing off our own with an unnecessary immunization the way we did in ’76.

Go Government!

Written by Michael Turk