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If We Were As Bad As The Democrats Claim…

PoliticsWe would probably try something like this. Singapore wants to ban political speech on the net… Well, not all political speech, just political speech about elections during the period immediately preceding the election.

“In a free-for-all internet environment where there are no rules, political debates could easily degenerate into an unhealthy, unreliable and dangerous discourse flush with rumours and distortions to mislead and confuse the public, ” he stated.

“Private or individual bloggers can discuss politics. However, if they persistently propagate, promote or circulate political issues relating to Singapore, they are required to register with the Media Development Authority.

“During the election period, these registered persons will not be permitted to provide material online that constitutes election advertising.”

This is pretty much what most bloggers expected the FEC to do in response to the blog ruling. While I am no fan of the FEC, this may be worse than some of their rulings – but just barely.

Hat Tip to TechDirt on this one…

Written by Michael Turk