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If It Were A Republican

CrimeCongressSo my note yesterday about the lack of an outcome on the Jefferson raid was a bit premature. Later in the afternoon, the court ruled that the raid was legal, that Congress is not above the law, and granting any protection based on the “speech or debate” clause amounted to a get-out-of-jail-free card for illegal acts arranged and executed from a member’s office.

Of course, the ruling, and the very fact that it was referred to the courts, gives Jefferson a get-out-of-jail-free card while the ruling goes to appeal, and then on to the Supreme Court. It will likely be some time before the documents are turned over for inspection.

What I find most interesting is the relatively low-key reaction from the media. I had to go digging on the WaPo site for the article, and heard little on the news about it.

You know that if it had been a Republican member, every Democrat would be taking to the airwaves to demand the immediate release of the documents, and the instant prosecution of the Congressman. If it had been DeLay, the Democrats and the media would have looked like a Habitat for Humanity build site while erecting the gallows on the capitol lawn.

Written by Michael Turk