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IBM Think Pads Suck

ThinkPad KeysTechnologyThings that SuckFor about the thousandth time, I started a post on this site, and fell victim to the stupidity of the IBM design team. You see, IBM (now Lenovo) has these two retarded little buttons next to the arrow keys (see picture left) If you’re using a web form, and accidentally brush up against the one on the left, it acts as a backspace, takes you to the previous page you were viewing, and dumps everything from your form.

Now, when I say accidentally brush up against it, I don’t mean push it. It takes less pressure to lose a post than it takes to hurt a gonad.

So I’d like to thank IBM for costing me so much time. You should thank them, too. Of all those posts that got flushed, one or two of them had to be brilliant – and you missed them.

Written by Michael Turk