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I Love To Say I Told You So…

Call it a modern day tale of the ant and the grasshopper. You remember that story, right? The ant spends all summer foraging for food and making a stockpile while the grasshopper plays and plays. When winter comes, the ant has enough food to get through to spring but the grasshopper starves.

Well, the Democrat party is trying to teach us that lesson all over again and the LA Times has covered it for us.

So far, there is little indication that the incumbents are heeding the call from the activists. Some of those with large accounts are considering bids for higher office. But the activists argue that they should be focused less on their personal aspirations and more on the broader party interests.”We just don’t want to see anyone hoarding at a time when there is a need for the greater good,” said Eli Pariser, executive director of the MoveOn PAC.

For most of the last two years, these same activists have been praising Howard Dean for his “50 State Strategy” and talking about the huge payout they would get. But in the end, it comes down to a handful of targeted races (all but one or two of which were known two years ago).

The DNC, whose only function is to provide for the “greater good” of the party, has squandered tens of millions of dollars in places like Utah where they have no chance to make gains. Now the Democrats are having to take out loans to compete in the places in which they knew, as early as January of 2005, they would need to compete.

Thanks, MyDD, for teaching the country a lesson that most of us learned in the second grade. Spending everything as soon as you get it is a mistake, and saving for a rainy day is always a good idea.

For the Republicans, have good cheer. The financial advantage our candidates enjoy should pay rewards in two weeks.

Written by Michael Turk