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I have a problem … an Internet problem

and you probably do too since you’re reading this blog on the evil Internets. According to a new study by Stanford University one in eight American’s show “problematic Internet use.” They say this addiction could make people as clinically ill as alcoholics. Now the story doesn’t go into what constitutes “problematic Internet use” except to say that the most disturbing discovery was that “some people hid their Internet surfing, or went online to cure foul moods in ways that mirrored alcoholics using booze.” So if drinking is bad. And the Internets is bad. What category does that put me where I’m addicted to not only drinking, the Internets but also my blackberry. So I drink and surf the net at the same time! That seals it. I’m nuts. But frankly that’s not new news. Ask my friends, they’ll tell you I lost my marbles a long time ago.

My crazieness aside, I have a feeling this study is flawed in a few ways. The main one being that they determined “the typical Internet addict was a single, college-educated, white male in his 30s, who spends approximately 30 hours a week on non-essential computer use.” Can anyone else think of why a white male in his 30s would spend a lot of time on the Internet instead of say … watching TV? Porn anyone?

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