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PoliticsI started this post as a rant against the Democrats and their new mobile signage. This thing is distasteful due to the blatant lie it tells.

The DNC knows full well that the ports deal is not about handing over security. This is a lie. It’s also not accurate to say this is a Republican effort, when the vast majority of Congress opposes, and was taking steps to prevent this. The deal is bad enough without having to deceive people to make your point. That’s the problem with the DNC. They go way to far to make their point.

If Bush accidentally bumped into Laura in a hallway, they’d call him a wife beater. If he pulled a coin out of his pocket and a piece of Kleenex fell out, they would call him the greatest threat to our environment since the Exxon Valdez. They just can’t stop lying.

I also started to say I’m not a big supporter of the ports deal. I’m not at all a supporter of the expansive government, bloated budgets, and politicians run amok. I’m vehemently opposed to warrantless surveillance and attempts to ignore the constitution in an effort to protect it. But, I’m even more opposed to lying.

Unfortunately, I found myself drawing a fine line between the blatant deception of the Democrats and the overwhelming tendency among the GOP today to obfuscate.

The ports deal was stupid, even if you forget the security aspect of it. You’re talking about turning over operational control to a country that was, despite their current talking points, intimately involved with terrorists until, and likely after, September 11, 2001.

What I saw as I wrote, however, was the fact that the GOP created this problem for itself. Having spent the last 3 years clouding the issue on Iraq’s non-involvement with 9-11, they should not be surprised that Americans are distrustful of Muslim nations. They planted, watered, fertilized, and sowed that sentiment to justify the effort in Iraq. How can you now claim racism and discrimination when you tended that garden?

It is hypocrisy in its highest form for the Democrats to try to score political points with a blatant lie meant to accuse the GOP of not telling the truth.

It is also hypocrisy to fuel fears of some Muslims, while demanding fair treatment for others. This is especially true when those for whom you demand respect have been found wanting in their support for anything American except our money.

Written by Michael Turk