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Hurley and Lost

TelevisionWhat was the deal with Lost last night?

Was Hurley in a nut house with Libby at some point? Or are they all in a nut house now? It would be a really interesting twist to the show if it turned out that this was all some sort of group therapy or hypnosis. Take a group of 100 mental patients and convince them all they’re lost on a desert island. Everyone else they see, all the people they run into, are real people they know in the real world, but most of those are fellow patients.

Would the “Others” be the doctors and orderlies?

Having an entire movie that basically takes place in one guy’s head is a plot that’s been done before. The movie Identity is a good example. This involves more people, though. What if this is all going on in their heads?

Hurley sees his (imaginary?!!??!?) buddy jump off a cliff… Jack’s dad leads him through the jungle to his coffin… Mr. Echo finds his brothers body on the island…

It seems a little too coincidental to have that many family and friends turning up as spirit guides…

And what about the crazy new guy that didn’t push the button? Is the button just an advanced scientific experiement. Unlike rats, we would not keep pushing a button just to get food. We might, though, keep pushing a button in order to stave off our destruction… If that’s what we thought would happen…

Written by Michael Turk