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Hunting Trip Update

We’re out of the field and happy with the results (at least I am). Our trip this year consisted of 11 hunters spread out over 78,000 acres in Southeastern New Mexico. We took three bucks with two 8-points and a nine. While the number of deer we saw was down rather dramatically versus last year, we were able to take some good bucks.

For my part, I took the 9 point buck last night right as shooting light was just about over. Another two minutes and I never would have had the shot. I know this because my father-in-law came up about one minute after I took my buck (I called him on the radio to let him know I had taken the buck and that another was still mulling about). He got his binoculars on the second buck, but by the time he lowered them, drew his rifle and got the deer in the scope, he said he couldn’t tell if it was a) the same deer or b) even a buck. The light was dropping off that fast.

The deer would have been a 10-point buck but there’s just a little burr where the tenth point would have been. It was almost perfectly symmetrical otherwise.

I spent the day getting the deer skinned and off to the processor, and the cape off to the taxidermist for mounting. The taxidermy process will take about 7-9 months, so that leaves plenty of time for Mrs. Quip and I to argue about hanging it in the house. If I win, you can drop by our living room next summer and check it out.

Written by Michael Turk