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Hunting Season!

I’m still five weeks away from my annual hunting trip, but I’m already coming down with a wicked case of buck fever. I’m still kicking myself for missing a beautiful shot at a monster buck last year, and then discovering that in the bleary-eyed morning, I had failed to load my firearm after target practice the day before, and only had the one bullet in the rifle. The deer, needless to say, was not going to stick around and let me take another shot. It was not a great moment.

Unfortunately, due to my wife’s work commitments, and a lack of Internet connection on the ranch, I only had two days to hunt, and missed another opportunity to get the big guy.

Despite the fact that this is an embarrassing story to tell, it sets up this great video (embedding was disabled, sorry). I’m not sure who the guy was that shot this, but he may be the worst shot ever. What’s amazing to me is the deer. He would have sat there and let the guy miss all day long, had it not been for the third shot coming as close as it did.

Written by Michael Turk