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Huckabee To Join Frat, Hopes To Do Keg Stands In White House

The Associated Press is reporting that Arkansas’ outgoing Governor, and potential POTUS candidate Mike Huckabee has decided to join the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity just in time to start his 2008 run.

Huckabee on Tuesday was tight-lipped about the fraternity membership and said he planned to answer questions after his initiation. Huckabee acknowledged joining a fraternity would be a new experience for him.

”I probably won’t move into the frat house, though,” Huckabee said.

I’m not sure that joining a frat as a 51 year old man is the best way to convince the country you are mature enough to lead the nation. Do we really want the President and Defense Secretary overseeing some bizarre Iraqi prisoner hazing ritual that involves making suspected terrorists try to drop the marshmallow squeezed between their ass cheeks into a martini glass?

Given the news today that Barack Obama is doing Monday Night Football and Huckabee is doing keg stands with the Tekes it is entirely possible this is some bizarro world run by beer company ad firms.

Written by Michael Turk