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How Would The Cast of Friends Vote?

A couple of weeks ago, I posed the question “How Would Gilligan’s Island Vote?”. The discussion it generated here, on Facebook, and via my inbox was kind of interesting. The outcome was:

  • Skipper – 83% GOP
  • Gilligan – 69% Dem
  • Mary Ann – 61% GOP
  • Ginger – 83% Dem
  • Professor (the only “near tie”) – 47% Dem 41% Libertarian
  • Mr. & Mrs. Howell – both at 72% GOP

The outcome made me wonder what the result would be if I looked at other classic TV series. As I discussed the idea with some friends, one that drew a lot of discussion was “Friends”. It seems there is a lot of disagreement about how Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Monica would cast their ballots.

Now here’s your chance to tell me what you think.

How Would “Friends” Vote?
Ross Geller

Monica Geller

Chandler Bing

Rachel Green

Phoebe Buffay

Joey Tribbiani

View Results

You’ll notice I added “Green” as an option for Phoebe as a number of people indicated their thought that she’d lean that way.

Written by Michael Turk