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House Nukes Neut

LegislationNet NeutralityCongressThe House last night passed HR5252 (the COPE Act) but did so without the Markey Amendment on net neutrality. The final vote on the amendment was 269 to 152. That’s a pretty resounding defeat for the net neut efforts, but they’ll keep plodding along.

The COPE Act passed 321-101.

Reiterating a point I made earlier this week, the net neutrality language is significantly different in the Senate version of telecom reform, if the Senate passes 2686 as is there would be a reconciliation in conference. Given the rumblings that Senate Judiciary is going to push their own NN bill (they’re holding a hearing next week), it’s likely that net neutrality, and the telecom overhaul in general, are unlikely to go anywhere this year.

Written by Michael Turk