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Hotel Finds Dead Girl in Water Tank Because of Low Shower Pressure

Ok, if you are easily grossed out, this may not be the post for you.  You might want to skip right past it and move on about your day.  If you’re a sick, twisted puppy like me, keep reading.

As I am skimming the news this morning, I happened upon what might otherwise just be a routine report of police finding a missing person who was unfortunately dead.  But then you get to the detail that really makes the story cringeworthy.

The corpse was found on Tuesday after hotel guests complained of low water pressure.

You read that right. The body, it seems, was found in a water tank on top of the hotel. A water tank, that by implication, seems to have been feeding the showers.

Let that sink in for a few minutes…. I’ll wait…

Now here’s the really foul part…  The girl had been missing for three weeks.

So what does that tell you?  It tells me that every guest who stayed in that hotel – for twenty-one days – had been showering in dead girl.

If that doesn’t gross you out and make you want to carry your own one gallon jugs of stream water to bathe in, I just don’t know what would.  From now on when I check in at hotels, the first question I will ask is whether their showers are certified to be dead body free.

Now my challenge will be figuring out what categories to post this under…

UPDATE: A friend on Twitter shared this additional link to the story including the best passage ever in a news article.

Guests at the Cecil Hotel, famous for having hosted serial killers Richard Ramirez – nicknamed the Night Stalker – and Jack Unterweger, are likely to have bathed, drank and brushed their teeth using water from the rooftop tank where Canadian tourist Eliza Lam’s body was found floating. …

Disgusted guests have expressed their horror at the discovery of the body, with one British tourist telling CNN: ‘The water did have a funny taste’.

Sabrina Baugh, a British tourist told journalists: ‘We never thought anything of it. We thought it was just the way it was here.’

That is so disgustingly awesome.

Written by Michael Turk