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Horrific and Fascinating

The things humans are capable of are amazing to me. Occasionally you hear stories of somebody’s phenomenal survival instincts and wonder if you could possibly do what they did. This is one of those stories.

She lay face-down with a plastic bag over her mouth in the domestic clutter of a cramped, dark, 6-by-6-foot public storage unit weak, battered and bleeding from more than two dozen stab wounds to her head, back and face.

Her lung was punctured, making breathing difficult. A vertebra in her back was cracked. A cut just below her left eye blurred her vision.

But the young woman knew things were going to get worse.

This woman was stabbed more than two dozen times, choked, kicked, has a plastic bag tied over her face, and is left face down in a pile of clothes. She has a punctured lung and broken back. Her boyfriend (the attacker) leaves, and she is left to die.

Instead, she kicks a hole through the wall into another storage unit. Before she climbs up on a stack of boxes to try and kick through another wall, she writes his name in blood on the wall so they’ll know who killed her if she dies.

After kicking a second hole through to a hallway, she drops down into the hall and is found and rushed to the hospital. Then she gives an interview while being treated so the police can find and arrest the guy who tried to kill her.

If I have been stabbed 24 times, have a punctured lung and broken back, I suspect I would never have the clarity of thought to kick holes in a wall, write my attackers name in blood and do half of what this girl did to live.

I hope to God I never have to find out.

Written by Michael Turk