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Hillary’s Deperation Play

Hillary's Last Ditch AttemptAs Pennsylvania voters head to the poll on April 22, the polls are closing. Hillary’s once vaunted lead of 20 points or better had disintegrated and she now stands only 6.6 points ahead. Michigan and Florida have conceded the loss of their votes – brought about by party leaders who thumbed their noses at the DNC.

It’s no wonder Hillary’s campaign is trying a desperate gambit to save those votes, and her candidacy, from the trash heap of history. The following is her latest e-mail.

Please take the time to listen, as I have, to the voices of our fellow citizens in Michigan and Florida.

A supporter from Marion, MI put it simply: “We want to have our voice heard! We want to vote!” Another in Delray Beach, FL reminded Americans of what we all believe, “Our votes should count. We went to the polls in good faith that our votes would count and our voices would be heard.”

Tens of thousands of people in Michigan, Florida, and all over the country are standing up and speaking out, urging that we live up to our democratic ideals. In our hearts we know that voters everywhere deserve the chance to make their voices heard.

Hillary Clinton respects all voters and their right to participate in this historic contest. Their votes, along with all the others, will and should determine when this contest is at an end. It’s the American way — everybody counts in this country.

I know you will join with Americans everywhere who are proudly standing with their fellow citizens in making sure the great states of Michigan and Florida have a voice in this race — along with all the states who will cast their ballots in the upcoming months. Today is the day to step forward for democracy. Today is the day to sign on to make sure that all American voices are heard.

Thank you for all you are doing for our country and for our campaign.

Maggie Williams
Maggie Williams
Campaign Manager

In other words, Michigan and Florida misled their people into believing their votes would be counted regardless of stern warnings to the contrary from national party leaders. The other candidates refused to waste campaign dollars trying to win those votes because they were told they would not be counted. Hillary pushed for and won the votes that don’t count, and is now trying to force them into the process.

It really is funny. It sends a message that any vote, regardless how uninformed or illegal it may be, is a vote Hillary will try to use to save what was once her frontrunner status. Behind in delegates, behind in popular votes, and behind in number of states won, her whole campaign now hinges on the votes of people who told the Democratic system to screw itself.

Stack this on top of her support for licensing illegal immigrants, aiding and abetting perjury, and accusing half the country of being part of an evil conspiracy – all in an attempt to take the spotlight off her own sham marriage – and you get a real sense of what she might be like as a President.

Update: NPR reports the Clinton camp would have to win every remaining contest with 60% or more of the vote to close the gap. With only 914 dlegates remaining, a 50/50 split, or something close, would give Obama 2086 (44 votes more than enough to win the nomination. In the meantime, a 50/50 split would give Hillary 1943 – still about 100 votes shy of the win. She’s only up by 28 on the superdelegate count, and that number is shrinking daily.

That math spells doom for Hillary. It’s no wonder her last flailing hope is to admit states where her opponent didn’t even run.

Written by Michael Turk