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Hillary Draws A Protest From The Left

PoliticsI’ve made the point before that Democrats, despite media coverage, will always have a harder time holding their team together than the GOP. You may see the occasional burst of media coverage about the GOP having a tough time staying cohesive. It always boils down to the same thing – the party has gone too far toward the social conservatives or the party has gone too far toward the fiscal conservatives.

The GOP maintains a delicate balancing act between these two camps, but they tolerate one another as long as they get recognition of their needs. Lately the fiscal camp (myself included) have begun to feel abused because the size and scope of government are increasing and it is often to pay for social medicines that have never salved the sores of our nation.

We’re demanding attention and restraint in spending.

The Democrats, however, have it far harder. Their party is a coalition of narrowly focused groups – to steal a term from P.C.U. call them the cause heads. The cause heads are passionately committed to a cause for about a day, then they move on to the next great threat. Recently, for most, the next great threat has remained steady (It’s the war in Iraq, stupid!).

Democrat candidates have to weave a delicate tapestry of campaign promises. For instance, they can’t promise school choice (which African-Americans often favor) because it will conflict with the teacher’s unions. At the same time, they can’t promise gay marriage because the African-Americans generally oppose it.

Unfortunately, that kind of balancing act results in unintended consequences like “>Hillary Clinton, Democrat frontrunner for the POTUS nod, being protested while speaking out on behalf of equal pay for women (which used to be another liberal cause du jour, but apparently loses out to the war.)

You would never see a group of fiscal conservatives shout down the President screaming “Balanced Budget Now!” while he was talking about stem cell research. It just wouldn’t happen.

The Democrats will always have a tough time winning if they’re kicking each other in the shins to get ahead.

Written by Michael Turk