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Hillary Clinton Crosses Her Heart

Hillary has a new web ad up on at least a handful of sites. The creative is a little uninspiring, but what really caught my attention was what they say without saying a word. Here’s a grab of the ad:

Hillary Clinton Hand On Heart

What’s most interesting about the ad is their choice of picture. It’s especially interesting when you look at it in context of all the Internet chatter about Barack Obama’s alleged “un-American” activities.

What do you do when the national anthem plays? If you’re like most Americans you stand with your hand over your heart. This posture says a few things about a person…they’re American, they love their country, and most think that it also honors those who have fallen protecting our liberties. You might think that a U.S. Senator like Barack Obama would understand this about the national anthem. You might think that a U.S. Senator like Barack Obama would appreciate all of this more than most people because he’s seen the power of the people elect him to office and privilege.

Now Clinton’s people have one a good job portraying themselves as pure of heart when it comes to forwarding Internet rumors about Obama. This ad, however, seems to be sending a very subtle message to anyone familiar with the un-American charge. It’s not overt, but the pic of Hillary definitely seems to say, “See. I’m American. I put my hand over my heart. He doesn’t.”

It may have been unintentional, sure. They may not be that clever over at Camp Hill. But maybe they are…

Written by Michael Turk