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Hill Blogs & The People

BloggingGovernmentAn article in USA Today takes a look at the use of blogs by members of Congress. The title of the article (Blogs – the Hill’s Version of Talk Radio) had nothing to do with the content. The article never made any attempt to connect the two, and it’s a bogus analogy, but beyond that, it was an amusing read.

I think my favorite part was this:

Most congressional “blogs” aren’t really blogs with unfiltered comment and frequent updates. Members of Congress are limited in what they can put on taxpayer-funded websites, while government rules forbid instant comments on them. (emphasis mine)

I’d be curious to read the rule that prohibits the people from interacting with a website they pay for through their taxes. That rule has to have been created by the body, so it is awfully telling that the Hill does not want you to speak back to them.

Written by Michael Turk