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He’s Everywhere! He’s Everywhere!

Shameless Self-PromotionpoliticsOk, I admit it. You can take the boy out of politics, but you can’t take politics out of the boy.

I left the always-on world of online politics just over five months ago, and I am going through withdrawal. I started lurking in the comments of other blogs. Pretty soon I was leaving way to many comments in a day. I started this blog hoping it would satisfy my urges. But it just wasn’t enough. Pretty soon I had moved into the really hard stuff and started posting for GOPBloggers.

To temper my addiction, I decided I needed a hobby – something to make my addiction seem sort of respectable. The trouble is I’m a dedicated cause head with few marketable skills outside of politics. So what else could I do? I had to apply my love of online politics and my need for constructive criticism (of others. I’m not so crazy about getting it myself) and tell you what other people are doing right and wrong.

I’ve kicked off the first in a recurring series of website reviews for the Personal Democracy Forum. My first review puts Hillary’s website under the microscope. I started with Hillary for two reasons. First, she is probably the highest profile candidate in the ’06 cycle. Second, her website was familiar territory. It is enough like the Kerry site – which was a dead ringer for the Bush site – that it felt like coming home.

My goal is to put these up every two weeks. Maybe that will keep my cravings at bay and I can lead a normal life. If not, look for me soon at another blog near you.

Written by Michael Turk