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Has Hell Frozen Over?

According to this report, a survey gauging people’s thoughts on the Department of Justice’s request for Google Search data indicates more Republicans than Democrats felt they should have complied.

Half of the 800 respondents to the University of Connecticut’s poll said the company shouldn’t turn over search queries to the government, while 44% said they should. The responses reflected partisan differences about the Bush administration request, with 67% of Democrats opposing the data release, compared with 30% of Republicans. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%.

What the hell is going on with my party? Have you all gone off the end? When did you all decide it was ok to sell out principles of small government in the interest of political expediency on your cause du jour?

This is an intrusion by government into personal privacy. The government is not entitled to know what we’re thinking, looking up or browsing. When will I be required to disclose to the government which magazines I read, which books I buy, and what thoughts I have?

I have no idea how you can reconcile the principles of the GOP with the DOJ’s request.

Written by Michael Turk