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Harry “Ringside” Reid

PoliticsDemocratsI love it when hypocrites get the door slammed on their fingers. Now it’s Harry Reid’s turn to wiggle on the hook, and he’s doing a pretty poor job. Accused of accepting ringside seats at boxing events in Nevada – tickets valued at hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars each, and accepted when he was working on federal legislation that would have directly impacted those who gave him the tickets – he’s now trying to claim it was a fact-finding mission.

Reid defended the gifts, saying they would never influence his position on the boxing bill and that he was simply trying to learn how his legislation might affect an important home state industry.

Come on, Harry. Is that the best you could come up with? How, exactly, did having ringside seats inform your vote on this? How exactly, did watching a match impart wisdom regarding the potential impact of that legislation?

McCain, who attended a fight with Reid, paid for his ticket to the tune of $1,400. John Ensign, who also partook of fight night with Reid, took the gift, but bowed out of any role with the legislation because his dad worked for a hotel that hosted fights.

When you start throwing that “culture of corruption” crap around, you ought to be sure you’re clean, Harry.

Written by Michael Turk