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Gotta Give Him An A For Effort

Many of you probably have not been following the drama that is in Ohio’s 18th District to replace Congressman Ney on the ballot. Needless to say it rivals most day-time soap operas. Joy Padgett is the favorite to win the primary on the 14th, but my favorite candidate to watch, next to Sir James, is Jerry Firman. Jerry is a 70-year-old farmer from Coshocton who blogs regularily on Newsvine under the handle of Old Fogey. He also has a campaign web site up at (best campaign URL EVER). He is even taking online donations and appears to be getting quite a few from the folks who read his blog at newsvine. While Jerry doesn’t have much of a chance to win I have to give him big props for being so web savvy and being so open on his blog. It really is a good experiment in a regular guy using the web to advance his views and cause. He also writes regular articles about campaigning, which I find interesting, but that might just be because I know the district well.

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