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Google Radio? Who Knew?

There’s been a lot of chatter about Google’s ever expanding array of services. Things like Google Analytics and Google Groups made sense for an Internet operation. More and more often, however, I am seeing Google pop up in places I would never expect them.

A few weeks ago, I attended the National Association of Broadcasters annual show to serve on a panel about Internet politics with Joe Trippi, Jeff Jarvis, Hugh Hewitt, and others. While I was there, I took some time to wander through their exhibit hall.

As I round a corner in the “radio automation” section of the massive exhibit space, I spy a booth with the familiar blue, red, green and yellow logo. I step up, and am immediately rushed. The booth, it appears, is there to push the SS32 radio automation system. What does Google have to do with radio? Got me. Is this all part of their plan for world domination? Possibly, but who knows.

I had a sudden image of the praetorians chasing Sandra Bullock after she discovered the little pi symbol on the otherwise innocuous Mozart’s Ghost. I figured it was best to leave the other questions unasked…

Written by Michael Turk