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Google One Step Closer To World Domination

I give Google about 5 more years before it has taken over the entire world. Someday it will aquire its last company, Microsoft, and be the ruler of everyone. I say this because today it was announced that Google might buy You Tube for $1.6 billion dollars. $1.6 BILLION DOLLARS. All that for a company started in someone’s garage. Come to think of it Google was started in a garage, too. I need to find me one of these magical garages.

Anyways, if this purchase happens it will be huge for Google as You Tube is the hottest thing out there since sliced bread and it will remove all competition for Google Video. Google will rule Internet video. And soon they’re going to start selling ad time before those videos run and Google will make another cool $500 bajillion dollars.

All of this just makes me bow down even more to the business minds at Google. I love Google, and I realized today just how much of my life is dependent on this company. I use it for everything from chatting with my friends, to tracking how many hits the Web sites I work on get, to buying ad words, to searching my desktop, to getting my news alerts … you get the picture. And the best thing? They offer most all of this for free! You don’t find too many companies that can offer all that and make tons of moola.

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