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Good News and Bad News

Well, yesterday kind of sucked on some fronts, but totally rocked on another… Sure the GOP took an ass-whooping, but on the upside, Britney is back on the market. The irony? Everyone pretty much saw both events coming, but the major players were in denial right up to the end.

I’ve decried the GOP’s abandonment of the center-right voters for some time now, and it looks like at least one person agrees that is what brought us down. Unfortunately for me, it’s Ron Brownstein.

Social conservatives gleefully trumpeted the Administration efforts to advance the far right agenda while the libertarian wing of the party was shunned in favor of deficit spending and explosive growth of federal programs. That created a situation in which the moderate-right voters fled the party.

Hopefully this serves as a wake up call to the GOP and they will return to their pursuit of fiscal restraint.

Written by Michael Turk