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Golden Globes Live

MoviesI have to give it to the Golden Globes people. I can’t stand to watch awards shows. They’re so boring and the winners insist on making political statements regardless of whether we care about their politics. I turned on the GGs for about 5 minutes and was treated to a lecture about the Palestinians.

What I’d really like is to be able to cruise the Golden Globes site, find a list of winners in real time, and get back out before anyone sees me browsing that sort of thing… In past years, I’ve had no luck with such a resource, but this year, I’m in luck.

If you’re not watching (and why would you be), you can still check out the winners. I hope the Oscars do the same, but given Hollywood’s opposition to simultaneous release, I doubt it. At least this year we get Jon Stewart hosting.

Oh, and by the way, Jeremy Piven got robbed on the Best Actor in Series or Mini Series category. Ari Gold rocks!

Written by Michael Turk