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Generals, Newts, And Dick… Morris That Is…

PoliticsIt’s Rumsfeld 2, Opposition 6. Two retired generals have come to the aid of the embattled Secretary of Defense. That’s one third the number that have called for his ouster, but still a far cry from the roughly 8,000 retired generals still alive.

8,000 retired generals? Can that be right? The media makes it sound like 6 is a huge number, but 6 out of 8,000 is pretty minimal, right? Yes, it is. Everywhere but in the media, that is. You have to love their ability to blow things out of proportion, huh?

Time Magazine keeps it in perspective, though. Joe Klein takes a look at the current efforts of Newt Gingrich.

It’s almost always a joy listening to Gingrich when he’s on a tear. And he’s almost always on a tear of some sort. I caught up with Newt as he wandered around New Hampshire last week, which is what people who think they’re running for President do. Please, God, no, you say. Not that angry guy again. “He’s probably carrying too much baggage to be President,” said Peter Bergin, a Republican state representative from Amherst, N.H. “But he sure is a terrific idea man. He needs to be part of the debate.”

A place in the debate is about all he’s likely to have. He’s probably one of the sharpest minds we have in the party. Unfortunately, he’s also almost entirely unelectable outside a GOP primary. GOP voters tend to be pragmatic when electing our nominee for President. We vote for the guy that’s closest to our beliefs, but still has a reasonable chance of winning. Newt’s there on the ideas, but has fav/unfav ratings slightly higher than Bush, but slightly lower than Satan.

On the subject of losers, Dick Morris has penned a column calling President Bush the Republican Jimmy Carter. I’ll take his word for it. If anyone would know something about the worst of both the GOP and the Dems, it would be Morris. The toe-sucking foot-fetishist was a low-demand Republican operative before becoming a senior advisor to Bill Clinton and getting caught in a scandal with a skanky prostitute.

Morris was able to get a paid gig writing occasional columns for the New York Post – the conservative media equivalent of the Weekly World News. If a douchebag like Morris tells you you’re fuqing up, you’re fuqing up.

Written by Michael Turk