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Funds To The Right, None To The Left

GovernmentPoliticsMy daily perusal of WaPo turned me onto an overly ambitious piece of pap from Thomas Edsall complaining of the 140 million that is being spent on things like abstinence education. Apparently these funds would never have been spent under the Democrats, and it is just outrageous. At least that’s the gist I got from reading Edsall’s article.

Of course, the trouble is that number pales in comparison to the piles of government money Democrats used to keep their machinery running when they had the wheels of power. The Democrats used government largesse to fund their left wing cogs for years, and I don’t recall the MSM paying much attention. It was primarily the conservative commentators and columnists that would draw attention to taxpayer dollars that funded urine submerged crucifixes.

Now, though, things have changed. The fact that an administration would spend taxpayer dollars in line with its priorities seems to upset Mr. Edsall. Honestly, it upsets me too, but not because I disagree with the spending – which I do. I think abstinence education is absurd. It ignores the reality of horny teenagers.

But I oppose it on a completely different ground.

I’d like to see, anywhere in Edsall’s writing, an allegation that the flow of money to these groups has, in any way, led to the drying up of cash for the liberal groups that used to get it. But it hasn’t. Liberal favorites like the NEA are still getting money, and are actually getting more money.

I don’t care if you want to throw money at groups that advocate for issues and practices that have no hope of succeeding. When the Democrats get to drive again, they can hit the brakes on spending for conservative groups (and don’t for a moment think they won’t).

What bugs me is the GOP’s refusal to staunch the flow of cash to the liberals. Cut funds for the liberal groups that have failed to succeed for 4o years or more. Then you can spend it all on our failed policies.

Written by Michael Turk