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Frequent Flyer Pains

TechnologyThat’s what I get for flying based on price. I spent much of my morning trying to update, manage, wrangle, cajole and otherwise corral my frequent flyer programs. In doing so, I discovered and interesting site called The premise of the site is one-stop management of all these programs – with the ability to move points between accounts.

Unfortunately, the number of participating airlines/hotels is small compared to the number of S&H Greenstamp and Starbuck’s programs. I imagine this thing will be worthwhile if they can get more airlines, hotels, etc to participate.

Keeping track of this crap could be a full time job if you travel much. Between miles for car rentals, hotels, airfare and various retail outlets (not to mention credit cards), it’s a big pain in the ass to stay on top of it. If you’ve found a website or anything else that makes it easier, let me know. If not, I see a business opportunity.

Written by Michael Turk