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For Ds and Rs: A Proposed Truce

A tweet from Mike Krempasky a short while ago asks:

Seriously. How can reasonable adults STILL toss “Nazi!” insults around in casual discourse as if it doesn’t diminish real horror?

It got me thinking about an e-mail I received from Micah Sifry once. In a post I wrote for TechPresident, I had included a reference to the Democrat Party. He wrote asking why we Republicans insist on dropping the “ic” from the end of the word. He suggested it was juvenile.

I agree. I think it’s totally juvenile, but it’s something Republican operatives are taught early in their political career and it sticks with you.

Between Mike’s tweet and Micah’s old e-mail, I came to a conclusion. We need to agree to a truce. Thus, I propose the following.

We, the Republican Party pledge to never again drop the “ic” from Democratic when referencing your party. In exchange, you, the Democratic Party, will acknowledge the real and legitimate offense inherit in comparing political rivals to a regime that tortured, starved, and killed 6 million people.

Political differences are legitimate and reflect divergent viewpoints on world events. Discussion of issues and participants in political debate should not be punctuated with juvenile remarks or insults that diminish the horror inflicted on millions by the Nazis.

Refering to Republicans as fascists and Democrats as dirty hippies is still perfectly acceptable.

I think it’s a fair compromise and takes a small bit of childishness out of politics. Do we have an accord?

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Written by Michael Turk