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Florida And Michigan Refuse To Accept Responsibility for Primary Debacle

[Florida Governor Charlie] Crist and [Michigan Governor Jennifer] Granholm have called on the party chairman to seat their delegates.

“It is reprehensible that anyone would seek to silence the voices of 5,163,271 Americans,” they said in a joint press release.

If anything more clearly demonstrates the problem with people today, I haven’t seen it. This short passage from an article about the situation facing Florida and Michigan as they try to figure out how to pay for a second round of voting demonstrates a complete failure to take responsibility for your actions.

Florida and Michigan had been told last year that moving their primary date in violation of party rules would result in their delegates not being seated. They did so anyway, apparently believing the threat was a bluff. Granholm has continually voiced her belief that they will be seated anyway – despite Howard Dean’s assurance that they will not.

The parties have a real quandary on their hands. Ignore the votes of millions of people, or send a clear message to 48 other states that you can violate the party rules and fear no consequences. It’s a tough position, and one I’m surprised two partisans like Granholm and Crist would get behind. Their obstinate refusal to listen when this could have been resolved without a huge public mess created a situation. Now, their refusal to acknowledge that they screwed up may cost millions of their citizens a seat at the table.

What do they do to save face? They demand to be seated and refuse to accept the consequences of their actions.

As a partisan, I say screw them. Let their voters be disenfranchised and let these two governors pay the price at the ballot box when they come up for re-election.

Written by Michael Turk