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Feds Facing Competition, Getting Cranky

GovernmentCrimeTechnologyThe Los Angeles Sheriff’s department wants to put some model airplanes in the sky to beam video to back to patrol officers – giving them a bird’s eye view of the activity on the ground.

The federal government has told them to cease and desist for the time being. They claim it’s a permit issue – the sheriffs don’t have one. Personally, I think the government is upset that someone else figured out a way to spy on citizens and didn’t let them in on it.

The small planes, which are nearly silent, face criticism from people who fear they’ll become another tool in big brother’s arsenal. If you think about it, now even the fence around your house won’t keep out the prying eyes of government.

Let’s assume your yard has eight foot fences and you’re up to something legal, but potentially viewed as sketchy – perhaps helping your child with a science project by demonstrating the explosive tendency of model rocket engines. A neighbor calls the police complaining of the sound of small explosions and smell of sulfur.

The police send in robo-birdman to take a look over the wall. Technically, they have not entered your property, so they can sneak a peek and see you with the rocket materials, and now have probable cause to enter the house and arrest you on some ridiculous trumped up “terrorism” charge – owning and plotting with explosives.

Your routine science experiment with the kid has now landed you in a federal prison as an enemy of the state.

That’s the danger with this type of technology and an overeager police force desperately trying to make busts to justify more money for stupid airplanes.

It’s a hell of a way to run a country.

Written by Michael Turk