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TelevisionTechnologyDid the FedEx Super Bowl spot fall flat? Did Sierra Mist’s Airport ad not suck after all? It appears that may be the case according to brain researchers.

Researchers using brain scans taken as subjects watched the ads found there was one thing in common – all the ads repelled viewers. They triggered a response in the part of the brain charged with detecting threats.

For me, that’s not a real surprise.

What is interesting is the ads that caused the most reaction in terms of desire, fear, and reward were the Disney ad and the Sierra Mist ad.

I can almost understand both of those. The concept of Disney on it’s own evokes pleasant childhood memories, so I imagine it may elicit a more visceral reaction. And people hate going through airport security, so that probably triggered a response as well.

Given we’re millions of years removed from our prehistoric selves, I don’t think the dinosaurs freak us out as bad. But FedEx, I still loved that ad.

Written by Michael Turk