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Enough About You, Let’s Talk About Me For A Minute

The Advertising Club of New York is hosting a breakfast event next week to discuss political advertising. Normally events like this include a lot of people who do TV, radio and direct mail marketing. The Advertising Club, however, is opening this up to a discussion of online advertising as well. It should be interesting.

One of the topics I have proposed is a discussion of why campaigns are spending an ever-larger chunk of their money on TV, when TV viewership is declining steadily, increasingly fractured and more frequently skipping your commercials with TiVo. Online ads can be usually be targeted geographically, by age, and by gender. More and more membership based sites will even match their users to your voter file so you know you’re actually reaching your universe of potential voters.

It should be an interesting discussion. If you’re interested in attending, check out their event site for further details and to register.

Written by Michael Turk