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Dow Jones Up, Bernanke An Idiot

MiscellanyWell, the Dow is up a bit, though still hurting from a few days of slides. Apparently my stocks didn’t get the memo that the free fall was over and are either still off or up imperceptibly.

Say what you will about Alan Greenspan and whether he was a help or a hindrance to the economy, at least the guy knew to keep his damn mouth closed. Seriously, someone needs to stuff a ball gag in Bernanke’s pie hole and tape it over with three layers of duct tape.

A week ago he apologizes for making stupid, off the cuff comments that sent the market into a tailspin, and then he goes and does it again not seven days later.

Here’s a clue about your job, Ben. You have a shitload of money riding on what you say every day. If your next door neighbor complains about a slow economy and the cost of a loaf of bread, nobody gives a wet turd. If you express the same concern, it costs people billions of dollars. Do you see how that works?

You have an important job now, and a whole lot of people are parsing your words. Until you figure out how to play the game, keep your mouth shut.

Written by Michael Turk